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"Wrist Grips" For Baseball Gloves


The Future of Baseball Is Here

May we introduce to you and the World of Baseball an evolutionary Baseball Concept that features the "New" and unprecedented "Wrist Grips" also featuring the "Wrist Protector".


Protect the
"Money Hand"

Our aim is to give the Player the option to redirect the nervous energy action which is a constant Hand to Glove Collision that includes the Punching, Pounding or Beating of the Pocket Webbing of the Glove with the throwing hand, often in an attempt to seat the Glove into the desired position on the hand.

Wrist Grips:
Play Smarter

The option would simply be to reach across to either "Wrist Grip" preference then pull down to seat the Glove to the perfect level and position of choice, INSTANTLY!

This transitional maneuver can be performed without searching for your "Wrist Grips", as they are always confidently in place and reliable.


Wrist Grips:
Built To Endure

Designed to perform, reduce wear and tear on the throwing hand.

All-Star Approved

Wrist Grips have received rave reviews from Players of all levels for its unique design and innovation!

Patented Design

There's no other product on the market like Wrist Grips and we've got the patent to prove it.

Quality Made

Feel confident with the premium all-leather materials, designed to endure for decades of play.

All Players.
All Levels.
All Confidence.

Our initial focus is on the younger Players transitioning into a Larger Baseball Glove and finding the new "Wrist Grips" to be the best option in seating the Glove quickly, the player can also effectively gain an optimal level of confidence in making the play with the perfect glove positioning on the hand.

Also with our innovative concept of reducing wear and tear on the throwing hand, it is surely an attraction for any level of play.


Join The Evolution

As the game of Baseball moves into the 21st Century, the World of Baseball can now enjoy the evolution to the "Wrist Grips" for Baseball Gloves with the action of maneuvering and seating the Glove down on the hand, INSTANTLY and at any time in the field of play!

Find Out More

We are actively fielding options for licensing and production. If you are an investor or represent an organization that would be interested in bringing this innovative new product to market, please use the form below to request more information and we'll be in touch!

- Earl Stanley Cook, Inventor
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